Maria had been raped by a way of life. A way of life, known as Coconi’s, which refers to various kinds of vicious, horrific and inexcusable forms of barbaric behaviour. Maria gave birth a few months later, just like several other young girls, who had also become innocent, silent and secret victims of similar crimes in this country. 

​ However, unlike some of the other young women victims, Maria was blessed with a strong faith in God. She was determined not to resort to taking her own life, and not to destroy the tiny life which was already gradually starting develop to grow inside her womb.
Maria had simply decided to transform this violent and hateful act which had stripped her of all human dignity, into something much more powerful and good.

​She wanted to be able to truly forgive, not just the kind of forgiveness given by those who have no choice, the kind of forgiveness proffered by the weak and feeble to those who are stronger, because they have no other choice in the matter. Neither was it the biblical kind when one simply forgives one’s fellow men for their sins and wrongdoings. It wasn’t like the forgiveness given by God either, but more Maria’s own personal and unique quest for forgiveness that she so yearned to be able to give to the young men who had raped her.

​Maria was determined that her rapists should recognize the brutality and wickedness of their acts and then implore her forgiveness, so that she could in turn herself, sincerely forgive them. It was the only way for her to redeem her personal dignity. 

She felt that she had suffered enough and that she had every right to expect her rapists’ recognition of the terrible suffering that they had inflicted on her. So it was, that on a beautiful sunny June Saturday morning that Maria finally gave birth to twin boys.  She called them Kimia and Elikia (which mean Peace and Faith in the Congolese language). Maria brought up and educated her twin boys in a traditional way. She possessed a sufficient sum of money to pay for their education and see them through to the end of their high school education and studies.

​She knew that she had done her very best with regard to their civil education.
She died in peace but without having had the opportunity to be able to truly forgive her brutal attackers. She died without anyone coming to ask her for forgiveness and without having been able to offer her sincere forgiveness.

About me ?

Hi mates,

My name is Constant TSOUZA.


I am a young & happy human born in Congo Brazzaville more than 53 years ago, just one year before the country get “independent” in 1960.

I have a lovely wife and 3 marvelous children.


I am graduated with a Mechanical Engineering degree and have gone through the French Petroleum Institute filter long time ago 

My first job was at the Congolese Ministry of Industry (1984-1985) as project engineer, I was then 25 years young.

I joined Total (Elf) Congo in 1985 and get married the year after. Today I am still married with my same wife and still working for the same company and my golf handicap is still a double digit one.


I had the privilege to work in different places around the world on various project. And the main lesson learnt is "PEOPLE": they are (variously) the same everywhere under the sky, you can't do anything without them, they are the most powerful problem-solving-tool that we have, but also they can cause tremendous troubles if not understood and managed well. And this applies as well at workplace, as in our personal lives.


This book is purely fictional. It is neither a history book, nor a series of moral judgments about anyone. The characters, situations and places mentioned are only a pure figment of Maria’s vivid imagination. Any resemblance to real-life people, situations and existing places is purely coincidental.


Copyright  CT-Novembre 2013

But her last thoughts really went out to her wonderful children. She remembered the great ocean of motherly love that she had been able to give them during their upbringing. Before she closed her eyes for the last time, she asked God to bless them.

On her deathbed, she didn’t have the slightest inkling of the powerful impact of the incredible testimonial that she had succeeded in bequeathing to her children
As Maria, Africa had also
been kidnapped, raped (and it's not a Belgian story) and tortured for centuries. From those repeated rapes were born sick and weak republics.
None of the many rapists did recognize the shameful paternity despite the fact that their saliva and sperm were still visible everywhere and there was no need for complex DNA analysis to find out whom they belong to...

​ Human kind is not the first tenant of the Space. Mineral, vegetable and animal lives preceded us and God created time, space and life long before our existence. Our personal and individual live begins the day a group of sperm meets an ovum, only if Life chooses to take place in the barely existing young embryo.
​ This Union between the just formed biological body and Life gives birth to human. Life is spirit, the biological Body is flesh, bones and blood, and the new human is given a Soul and the accountability to coordinate both Life and Body actions and interactions in Space and Universe over the Time.

​ This role begins right when the human is still in his mother womb. However clear delegation is given to the new human's parents to protect him, feed him, teach him the rules and act on his behalf until when his adulthood will come. By the time he will have grown up, the new man should have learned his particular role description. He will have the God given necessary space and time to accomplish his duty.

A termination date will come when Life (Spirit) will leave the new man’s body, what we call physical death or the transformation of existing biological body into dust. But this will not be the end. The human Soul will immediately report in high places on the mission and role the human was accountable for.

​ The Jury decision at this last judgment, will then determine the (excessively hot or temperate) climate of the next duty station. This assignment may last very long time.

This is what my "First Hymn to Life" all about.