Hi guys,

I am on my way
back to my home town Pointe Noire (Black Point ?). I left the place 7 years ago and today I am happy to go back there and see how I can help.
Among the many projects I have in mind I wonder how to contribute make this Black Point become a Green Point. How can we (you and me)
help plant 5000 trees in 12 months.
Trees contribute
CO2 capture, they can stabilise soils against erosion during heavy rains, some of them  can provide good fruits such as mangoes, oranges, etc...
Planting trees will certainly create marginal jobs.
Above are the reasons why I have decided to launch my
call to you friends and people of good will from all over the world I met my professional life.
My first estimate is telling me that one tree planted will cost
around 5 euros. This is the minimum amount I will kindly request you to contribute with.
I feel like a target of 5000 trees planted in 12 months is a reasonable target. How I gona do that ?

I will set up a team of 3 volunteers to help manage the project the LEAN way.
Together we will identify and convince sponsors and a champion to support our project.
We will launch a first campaign in social network such as Linkedin, Facebook and Twitter, just to to identify how may of you are ready to participate.  And we will launch our crowd funding campaign after we see there is enough of you interested.
I will take on me to convince the 1000 people working with me at the O&G company I work for. By the way I have been appointed HSSSEQ Manager in the country for the company, hope this will help.
We will contact local farmers and ask them to prepare plants that we will buy. To fortunate citizen we will sell, while to the other we will offer the trees

Of course we will have to seek authorities approval for planting in public domains, but our plant is also to simply procure private citizen who have land or gardens.
During next few weeks following the planting we will make sure through volunteers that planted trees are correctly maintained.
The Lean A3 progress monitoring system will be posted on our website and contributors will have access to it.
Why we wanna do this Green Point thing ? For Environment and for People ! We want to plant trees, we want to plant life, 

If you would like to contribute to this venture, please let us know ! Please donate